GravyMaster®, well known as a flavor and color enhancer for gravies, is now popular as an ingredient in marinades and glazes, particularly for outdoor barbecuing. It’s also used extensively for flavoring stews and soups, as well as box-teardropto add an appetizing “roasted” color to meats cooked in the microwave. GravyMaster® fans have discovered even more creative uses: it adds unique and distinct flavoring to cream cheese based dips and spreads; and creates a delightful Bloody Mary.


GravyMaster® was introduced in 1935. Made of ingredients ranging from pure cane sugar to herbs and spices, GravyMaster®, originally promoted as a browning and seasoning sauce for gravies, used the sugar left behind from rock candy production as part of its ingredient list.
In just a short time GravyMaster® became a staple in the home cook’s kitchen. From Maine to Florida, gravies weren’t complete without adding the GravyMaster®.

Soon chefs wanted GravyMaster® for their restaurant’s kitchen. Since the distinctively shaped 2 oz. and 5 oz. bottles didn’t hold enough of the product for large-scale use, GravyMaster® was made available in quart and gallon-sized bottles.

Today, tons and tons of GravyMaster® are sold each year to both home and restaurant cooks. The usage of the product has grown from flavoring and coloring gravies to a variety of uses, ranging from a brush-on marinade for caramelizing grilled meats and vegetables to flavoring Bloody Marys.

Just think of the possibilities!

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